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Parish Councillors

Name Telephone number Register of interests
Cllr Richard Izard 01962 712167 DOWNLOAD
Chairman of the Parish Council
Cllr Maggie Hill 01962 712760 DOWNLOAD

Vice-Chair of the Parish Council and Chair of Planning and Policy and Procedures Committees

Cllr Pam Glasspool 01962 711350 DOWNLOAD
Chairman of the Recreation Committee
Cllr Steve Badham 01962 714117 DOWNLOAD
Chairman of the Finance Committee
Cllr Ann Brown 01962 713700 DOWNLOAD
Cllr Ron Hancock 01962 715763 DOWNLOAD
Cllr Alex Loughran 01962 713166 DOWNLOAD
Cllr Laurence Wilks 01962 717617 DOWNLOAD
Cllr Barbara Kelly 01962 712589 DOWNLOAD