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Under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, Local Authorities with income or expenditure over £200,000 are required to publish certain information.  This came into force on 31st December 2014.  The required information to be published is detailed below.  Please note that this page and its content is under review to ensure that the Council is fully compliant with this new legislation.



Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Code of Conduct

Good Councillors Guide


Please click HERE to download the Councils procotol on the recording or filming of meetings.


Please click HERE to download a copy of Colden Common Parish Council annual return for 2016-17 which has been submitted to the external auditor.  The PDF also includes the balance sheet, profit and loss report, and internal audtor opinion. The external auditor report can be found HERE

Please click HERE to download a copy of Colden Common Parish Council annual return for 2015-16 which has been submitted to the external auditor.  The PDF also includes the balance sheet, profit and loss report, bank reconcilation and internal audtor opinion.

Please click HERE to download a copy of Colden Common Parish Council's annual return and exernal audit opinion for 2014-15

Please click HERE to view a copy of Colden Common Parish Council's internal audit for 2014-15


To view a list of expendture for the financial year 2014-15 please click HERE  - This also includes a summary of grant payments made

To view a list of expenditure for the financial year 2015-16 please click HERE

To view a list of expenditure for the financial year 2016-17 please click HERE

To view a list of expenditure for the financial year 2017-18 please click HERE


This information can be found monthly contained within the Parish Council meeting minutes which can be found HERE.


Grants were awarded in 2016-17 as follows

    2016-17   Date paid Charity Number Purpose of grant
S137 Grants   Amount granted          
Payee           n/a  
CCCA Newsletter £2,000.00   08 August 2016   292438 Prodution of the village newsletter
Woodpeckers   £298.00   21 July 2016   n/a To cover the cost of insurance
CCCA Pat Testing £100.00   09 March 2017   292438 Donation towards cost of pat testing equipment
ADD   £500.00   31 March 2017   n/a Donation towards legal fund re EBC local Plan
Twyford Patient Participation fund £50.00   10 February 2017   n/a Donation towards administrative costs of the PPG
  Total  137 Grants £2,948.00          
  Other Grants            
  Burial Ground £800.00   08 August 2016     Grant towards the cost of maintaining the burial ground
  Total other Grants £3,748.00          



The following companies have been invited to tender for a contract which is over £5,000 in value.

1 Aug-15 Tennis court expansion ETC  Sports Surfaces
2 Aug-15 Tennis court expansion Fosse Contracts
3 Aug-15 Tennis court expansion

Chiltern Sports


The grant was awarded to Fosse in the financial year 2017-18  to the value of £99k


Please see below a list of Parsh Council owned land and open space.

Reference Postcode Road Name Description
1 SO21 1UU St Vigor Way

Community Centre and some of the car park -

The building is leased to the Colden Common Community Association

2 SO21 1UU St Vigor Way The Green, Skateboard Park
3 SO21 1UU St Vigor Way Various small areas of open space and hedges along St Vigor Way
4 SO21 1UU St Vigor Way Area of open space on St Vigor Way, between entrance to Hawthorn Close and Aspen Close
5 SO21 1TB Boyes Lane Colden Common Park
6 SO21 1RR B3354 2/3rd of the Recreation ground and the footpath linking to to New Road
7 SO21 1UW Aspen Close Area of green near 11 Aspen Close
8 SO21 1AL Ash Close Open Space opposite 18 Ash Close
9 SO21 1AL Ash Close Area of land on right of way way from Ash Close to Hazel Close
10 SO21 1TQ Vears Lane Area of woodland between Vears Lane, Alder Close and Whitebeam
11 SO21 1XE Birch Close Open Space in Birch Close
12 SO21 1TQ Lime Close Open Space in Lime Close
13 SO50 6HW Triangle "Triangle" of Play area and open space between Upper Moors, Tees Farm Road and Pennington Close
14 SO21 1XB Alder Close Area of open space  
15 SO21 1DL Hazel Close Area of open space  
16 SO21 1UX Church Pond

Off Hawthorn Close, pond and wildlife area know as Church Pond and footpath to St Vigor Way

(Footpath starts adjacent to number 17 St Vigor Way to Church Pond)

17 SO21 1AH Whitebeam Open Space in Whitebeam
18 SO21 1TX Pallet Close Wooded area between Oak Tree Close and Pallet Close,turn left into Pallet Close after 9 Brickmaker Road
19 SO21 1UN Valley Close Area of land either side of the stream in Valley Close

SO21 1UQ

Church Lane Area of land alongside Church Lane, backing onto properties of Grays Close.  Land in front of 1 Tees Farm and is postcode given
The Parish Council is sole trustee to two charities in the village which own land which are
1 SO21 1RR The Recreation ground charity, SO21 1RR - Reg charity 301788
2 SO21 1XD  Colden Common Allotment for the labouring poor, SO21 1XD, Reg charity 235906 
For queries, please contact the charity via the Parish Office, clerk@coldencommon-pc.gov.uk
By law, Charity Business is not dealt with during Parish Council meetings.


  The Council has the following car parking spaces which are free of charge
1 SO21 1TB Colden Common Park, Boyes Lane Approx 80 spaces - not marked out
2 SO21 1UU Colden Common Communty Centre  50 spaces - Please note the the first section of the car park at the entrance, both left and right is managed by Southern Co-operative under their lease with the owner (which is not CCPC)
3 SO21 1RR Recreation Ground, Main Road Approx 50 spaces - not marked out.  Please note this car park is owned by te Recreation Charity, and is managed by Colden Common Parish Council on their behalf